Juki Music

 Hi, I’m Arjuna. Berlin Based Music Producer and Songwriter



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With over 10 years of experience writing, producing and mixing music, I still find it as exciting as I did when I first started. Few things in life are more fulfilling to me than the feeling of taking a track from conception to completion. I believe this shines through in my productions in more ways than one.

Having worked professionally in demanding environments with tight deadlines, I am confident in my skills and ability to achieve awesomeness, swiftly and efficiently with no compromises.

I also have experience playing guitar for multiple bands, and therefore understand the dynamic of creating music collectively and believe there is no right or wrong approach in the creative process.

Having said that, there are applicable rules and guidelines proven to work in the mainstream which, in my opinion, can be used to get an idea from a rough sounding scratch-track to a credible piece of music in a speedy manner. But then again, without sounding too cliché, rules are there to be broken or bent and that's the fun part!